My Thoughts on The New Logos 9 Bible Software

Today Logos Bible Software released the newest version: Logos 9. I've been using Logos for around eight years and I'm very impressed with this software in almost every way. Most of the time I've been pleased with the updates and new features that are added. The same goes for Logos 9. This truly is a… Continue reading My Thoughts on The New Logos 9 Bible Software

Logos on Android: A Review

I’ve been using Logos 5 (the Reformed Platinum Package) since July of this year (my review is here).  While I don’t use the Logos app as much as the desktop version, it is for sure worth mentioning.  For the record, I use the Android version of the app (4.3.8 Build 286) on a 7-inch Samsung… Continue reading Logos on Android: A Review