Characteristics of Jesus’ Parables

As I’ve said here before, Klyne Snodgrass’ Stories With Intent is an outstanding resource on Jesus’ parables.  One section I appreciate is the introduction – specifically where Snodgrass talks about the general characteristics of Jesus’ parables.  I’ll give the headings below; to get the helpful commentary of these headings, you’ll have to get the book!… Continue reading Characteristics of Jesus’ Parables

On the Parables of Jesus

 I've mentioned this great book on the parables awhile back: Klyne Snodgrass' Stories with Intent.  I was recently studying the parable of the rich fool in Luke 12.13-21.  I used Snodgrass as one of my main resources, and I was once again impressed by this book.  The format is outstanding.  Each parable is discussed in the following… Continue reading On the Parables of Jesus

Counting the Cost

 Though I've not read the whole book yet (it is a massive 800+ pages), the parts of Stories with Intent that I have read so far were very helpful.  Here's a blurb from Klyne Snodgrass' discussion of Jesus' two "mini" parables on the cost of discipleship found in Luke 14.28ff.  (The parables of two individuals who sit… Continue reading Counting the Cost