Texting, Digital Minimalism, and Relationships (Newport)

Back in March I mentioned this helpful resource: Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport. This is perhaps my favorite book on the topic of how to utilize smartphones and other screens in a wise manner. In fact, this book reinforced my 2021 decision to ditch my smartphone and get a flip phone. Ever since, my texting… Continue reading Texting, Digital Minimalism, and Relationships (Newport)

On Wasting Time (Edwards)

One thing that crosses my mind quite often is how I use the time God has given me. The Bible teaches that our days our numbered (Ps. 139:16). God has given us a certain amount of time to live. It follows that we need to be good stewards of time. In fact, a biblical prayer… Continue reading On Wasting Time (Edwards)

Parents, Children, Smartphones (Turkle)

 Smartphones have helped us communicate and keep in touch better than ever before.  There is upside to this.  I can text my wife and tell her I'll grab a pizza for supper.  She can respond and remind me to get milk.  The list goes on.  There are also downsides to smartphones and keeping in touch.… Continue reading Parents, Children, Smartphones (Turkle)