“Preaching” by Timothy Keller: A Short Review

  In the introduction of his new book, Preaching, Timothy Keller gives the general theme of the book: “As we preach, we are able to serve and love the truth of God’s Word and also to serve and love the people before us.  We serve the Word by preaching the text clearly and preaching the… Continue reading “Preaching” by Timothy Keller: A Short Review

The Limits of Science (John Blanchard)

   The kind folks at Evangelical Press sent me this book to review: Is God Past His Sell-By Date by John Blanchard.  It is a shorter version of his award-winning Does God Believe in Atheists?  The former is around 230 pages while the latter is around 650.  Is God Past His Sell-By Date is intended for skeptics, people… Continue reading The Limits of Science (John Blanchard)