On Loving Other [Sinful] Christians (Watson)

Christians mess up and make mistakes - sometimes big ones!  Followers of Jesus sin and don’t always act in a kind and loving way.  Sometimes Christians are difficult to love!  However, we as God’s people are called to love each other with a fervent and forgiving love (Col. 3:12-14).  Whether in a marriage, in a… Continue reading On Loving Other [Sinful] Christians (Watson)

The Repentance of a Sinning Saint (Warfield)

 Here's a great snippet of a great sermon by B. B. Warfield on Psalm 51: Thus we perceive that in its conception of God, of sin, of salvation alike, this Psalm stands out as attaining the high-water mark of Old Testament revelation. It was by a hard pathway that David came to know God and… Continue reading The Repentance of a Sinning Saint (Warfield)

Not Giving Up On A Sinner (Spencer)

Sometime around the middle of the 19th century, a woman spoke to Rev. Ichabod Spencer about the things of the Christian faith.  After the discussion, the woman was interested in becoming a Christian.  Spencer met with her many times over the next two years.  Over and over Spencer told her about sin, repentance, faith in… Continue reading Not Giving Up On A Sinner (Spencer)

A Sad Heart and a Wet Eye

This is a pearl of a book: The True Bounds of Christian Freedom by Samuel Bolton (d. 1654).  In this work, Bolton (a member of the Westminster Assembly) explains in detail what it means that Christians are “free indeed” (John 8:36).  There are many excellent – and edifying! – parts of this book.  Below is… Continue reading A Sad Heart and a Wet Eye

Three Great Struggles in the Christian Life

  In his comments on James 3.2, Thomas Manton (a Puritan involved with the writing and publishing of the Westminster Confession) wrote the following outstanding observation while he discussed failures and fights in the Christian life.  Three great sins that the Christian struggles with are these: "They seek in themselves what they can only find in Christ;… Continue reading Three Great Struggles in the Christian Life