Hymns Modern and Ancient – A Review

Hymns Modern & Ancient is a 2011 publication that contains 133 various hymns meant for congregational singing.  This hymnal is a resource for those who want a supplement to an existing hymnal.  Much of the work for this book was done by Fred Coleman, a Baptist pastor, and his wife Ruth.  The songs in this… Continue reading Hymns Modern and Ancient – A Review

Worship and the Emotions

 I appreciate Robert Godfrey's essay called "Worship and the Emotions" in Give Praise to God.  Here are a few parts I underlined in my copy. "We need to be clear about the role of faith not only in justification, but in every aspect of living the Christian life.  The foundation of all Christian living, as well as of… Continue reading Worship and the Emotions

Singing and the Perspicuity of Scripture

In the little corner of the Reformed tradition that I'm in, the church I serve uses a hymnal sometimes called "The Blue Psalter" or "The Psalter Hymnal."  It has hymns that are based on the psalms, hymns based on some other parts of the Bible, and it has hymns based on Christian doctrine.  Some of the hymns… Continue reading Singing and the Perspicuity of Scripture