Regeneration and Total Transformation (Ferguson)

When we think about being "born again" or "born from above" (John 3:1-8) it's good to remember that this new birth is extensive. When the Holy Spirit powerfully gives new life to a person the whole and entire person is affected. Here's how Sinclair Ferguson wrote about this so well: ...The Spirit’s work in regeneration… Continue reading Regeneration and Total Transformation (Ferguson)

Preaching…Not A Running Commentary (Ferguson)

In his collection of previously published articles (Some Pastors and Teachers), Sinclair Ferguson shared some of his helpful thoughts on preaching in the chapter called "Exegetical Preaching." (This chapter is also found in the 1986 book, "The Preacher and Preaching" - edited by Samuel T. Logan.) I appreciated the section where Ferguson noted that exegetical/expository… Continue reading Preaching…Not A Running Commentary (Ferguson)

“Some Pastors and Teachers” – Not for Pastors Only

 I recently started reading Sinclair Ferguson's newest book, Some Pastors and Teachers.  I have to admit I am a bit disappointed to find out it is mostly a collection of previously published material.  Around 30 of the 39 chapters have been published elsewhere (Baker, Christian Focus, IVP, P&R, Ligonier, etc.).  I was expecting this book to… Continue reading “Some Pastors and Teachers” – Not for Pastors Only

Legalism: A Complex and Deadly Spiritual Disease

Legalism is not a rare thing in Christian circles.  It's not confined to a certain denomination, age, gender, race, or class.  Legalism is not rare because it's the default mode of the sinful human heart.  Thomas Boston said it is "engrained in man's corrupt nature."  From one angle, then, we could even say that legalism… Continue reading Legalism: A Complex and Deadly Spiritual Disease

I Felt Led To…

  (This is a slightly edited re-post from May, 2011) Common phrases in evangelicalism today include "I felt led to...", "God told me to....", and "The Lord laid it on my heart to...."  I cringe every time someone uses these phrases because I've heard so many unbiblical endings to them.  In fact, I've seen people's… Continue reading I Felt Led To…