Emotions, Depression, and Body/Soul (Borgman)

One major part of being human is having emotions and feelings. We all have emotions. From joy to anger to terror to elation, we experience a range of emotions each day. Although the words "emotion" or "emotions" aren't found in biblical Hebrew or Greek, there are plenty of biblical words that convey emotion (e.g. despair,… Continue reading Emotions, Depression, and Body/Soul (Borgman)

The Corruption of the Affections (Boston)

One of Thomas Boston's most well-known works is "Human Nature in Its Fourfold State." In this book he explained from Scripture these four states: "The State of Innocence," "The State of Nature," "The State of Grace," and "The Eternal State". The second part ("The State of Nature") is a summary from Scripture on the fallen… Continue reading The Corruption of the Affections (Boston)

The Incomplete Sin of the Amorites? (Gen. 15:16)

 I was studying 1 Thessalonians 2:16 this morning where Paul says this about those Jewish opponents of the Messiah and the gospel: "...they always fill up the measure of their sins" (NASB).  There is a lot going on in the context of this phrase; too much to summarize here!  However, the phrase itself is probably… Continue reading The Incomplete Sin of the Amorites? (Gen. 15:16)

Why Does God Allow Sin to Remain in His Children? (Boston)

 (This is a re-post from May 2016). "Why do I keep struggling with the same sinful thoughts?"  "Why can't I just gain victory over lust and pride?"  "Why in the world does God allow sin to remain in his people?"  These are questions Christians ask from time to time.  We think of how nice it… Continue reading Why Does God Allow Sin to Remain in His Children? (Boston)

Man Abandoned To Himself (Pascal)

 Blaise Pascal (d. 1662) is one of those Christian authors I can read over and over.  His writing has a depth to it that is both profound and thought-provoking - two things that are not so common in much of today's Christian literature.  Here's a section of Pascal's writing I was reflecting upon this afternoon.… Continue reading Man Abandoned To Himself (Pascal)