Monday Meditation: Psalm 51:12a (Warfield)

Most of our readers are familiar with Psalm 51. This is the Psalm David wrote after his deeply sinful thoughts and actions in the terrible Bathsheba affair. David's sin grieved him greatly and he sought out forgiveness from God. In Psalm 51:12 David prayed, "Restore to me the joy of your salvation" [NIV]. Aroundn one… Continue reading Monday Meditation: Psalm 51:12a (Warfield)

A Prayer for Help to Flee from Sin (Luther)

Most certainly and primarily the Christian learns to pray from the teaching of Scripture. We have examples of prayers in both Testaments. Most of the Psalms are prayers. Jesus taught us a pattern of prayer. Scripture is our primary resource for improving our prayer lives. However, we can also learn how to pray from other… Continue reading A Prayer for Help to Flee from Sin (Luther)

Shameful Acts Contrary to Nature (Augustine)

A few chapters into his Confessions, Augustine wrestled with ethics, truth, justice, law, and so on. In this section Augustine wrote that God is supreme over all and must be "unhesitatingly obeyed" because he's the "governor of all his creation" (p. 46). Right before these statements he wrote this on sexual sin: Can it be… Continue reading Shameful Acts Contrary to Nature (Augustine)

…Pessimistic About The Possibility Of Moral Progress (Packer)

In the first chapter of his book, Keep in Step with the Spirit, J. I. Packer explained five different emphases people have put on the work of the Holy Spirit in the Christian life. All five ways have foundations in Scripture, but often they become one-sided because they fail to incorporate or discuss other aspects… Continue reading …Pessimistic About The Possibility Of Moral Progress (Packer)

Total Depravity, Total Inability

While studying the biblical teaching of sin and depravity, I was re-reading Louis Berkhof's summary of total depravity and total inability. As usual, I appreciated the concise and clear way Berkhof described these biblical concepts. Here are those two sections from his Systematic Theology: Total depravity. In view of its pervasive character, inherited pollution is… Continue reading Total Depravity, Total Inability