Quotes On Listening

Studying James 1.19-25 this week led me to think long and hard about the virtue of good listening - specifically listening to God's Word (v 22; cf Ecc. 5.1-2, Prov 10.19, etc).  It is so hard to be a good listener in our noisy and entertainment-driven culture of texting and images.  I enjoy movies and… Continue reading Quotes On Listening

Chatty Theology (or Linguistic Idolatry)

A week ago, I ran across a sentence in Eugene Peterson's Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places.  I can't stop thinking about it.  Here it is. "We cannot be too careful about the words we use; we start out using them and then they end up using us." Concerning words and theology, it is easy for us… Continue reading Chatty Theology (or Linguistic Idolatry)