The Eternal Enjoyment of God (Vincent)

One of my favorite resources on the Westminster Shorter Catechism is Thomas Vincent's 1674 work called The Shorter Catechism Explained From Scripture. Vincent was an English teacher and pastor who ministered during the 1665 plague that passed through London. His commentary on the Shorter Catechism was highly esteemed by men like John Owen, Thomas Watson,… Continue reading The Eternal Enjoyment of God (Vincent)

Children’s Catechism in the Wake of the Reformation

This book, The Church's Book of Comfort, gets more fascinating with each chapter.  I've read quite a few sources on the Heidelberg Catechism (HC) and surrounding circumstances, and for now I am putting this near the top of my "go to HC stuff" list.  Here's another reason why. Recently (before reading this book), I stumbled… Continue reading Children’s Catechism in the Wake of the Reformation