The Shepherd’s Love for Us (Bray)

Gerald Bray's God is Love is a biblical and systematic theology written in light of Scripture's emphasis on - you guessed it! - the love of God. It's worth reading for sure. I've mentioned this book here before so I won't go into it again, but since I was reading parts of it again today… Continue reading The Shepherd’s Love for Us (Bray)

With His People in the Wilderness

  When God's people were in the wilderness, one thing that stands out is how God was always with them.  In his faithfulness and despite their sinful stumbling, God never left his people nor did he forsake them.  I like how Timothy Laniak describes how Yahweh was with his people in the wilderness.  I've summarized… Continue reading With His People in the Wilderness

We Do Not Bear Him

Here’s a wonderful excerpt from a sermon Martin Luther preached on Isaiah 9:1-7 (Christmas Day, 1532). “Thus, now, we hear how wonderfully and lovingly the prophet Isaiah describes Christ.  He is a child and son, he says, who is born and given to us, is a Lord and possesses a government.  But what kind of… Continue reading We Do Not Bear Him

Godly Practices and Pastoral Theology

 I love these paragraphs from Martin Bucer's Concerning the True Care of Souls.  It starts with a general maxim Bucer sets forth. When people are lax about church practices there is to be found weakness in their Christian lives. This is the principle and general way of strengthening the weak and foolish sheep of Christ. … Continue reading Godly Practices and Pastoral Theology