Was/Is There A “Gay Agenda”?

This new book by Albert Mohler is quite good: We Cannot Be Silent.  It’s a book that talks about the history of sexuality in the United States, and answers questions like: how did we go from a relatively decent view of marriage to gay marriage so quickly?  Mohler’s done his homework, and it shows in… Continue reading Was/Is There A “Gay Agenda”?

Human Gender: Fixed or Fluid?

Are human genders fixed or are they fluid?  Is the distinction between male and female something essential to human beings or is the distinction a product of culture or personal choice?  In the United States – and other Western cultures – there has been a movement to erase gender distinctions.  From gender neutral housing on… Continue reading Human Gender: Fixed or Fluid?

Prayers and Prejudice

If you haven’t read The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert by Rosaria Butterfield, you really must!  It’s a great biography full of mercy, conviction, struggles, love, church, fellowship, and the triumph of sovereign grace.  Here’s one convicting paragraph I highlighted so I would read it again (and again!): “Shortly after becoming a Christian, I… Continue reading Prayers and Prejudice

Christians and Same-Sex Attraction

          Homosexuality is an inherently difficult topic for Christians to discuss and address.  And it’s a thousand times harder to discuss in our culture, where sexuality is all messed up.  Sam Allberry has written a short book that will help Christians navigate this topic with a biblical mindset: Is God Anti-Gay? … Continue reading Christians and Same-Sex Attraction