A People-Pleaser or A Servant? (Priolo)

Here's a good question: what's the difference between being a people-pleaser and being someone who is a servant of others? John wrote about the attitude of people-pleasers: "They loved the approval of men rather than the approval of God" (John 12:43 NASB). Of course Scripture also talks about those who serve other people in the… Continue reading A People-Pleaser or A Servant? (Priolo)

Cooking for God in Heaven (Luther)

  "What does it mean to serve God?" Luther asked in a sermon on Matthew 6:24-34.  He answered his own question echoing Scripture: it means listening to Christ, accepting the gospel, and obeying God.  If we are not obeying God we are not serving him no matter how religious or spiritual our lives may look.… Continue reading Cooking for God in Heaven (Luther)