How To Listen to a Sermon

This is a repost from May, 2008 Christopher Love (d. 1651), a Welsh Presbyterian pastor, wrote a helpful little book of sermons on mortification called The Mortified Christian (Morgan: Soli Deo Gloria Publications, 1998). The whole book is worth reading, but the last section is what I’ll note for now. The chapter is called “The… Continue reading How To Listen to a Sermon

Saving Eutychus: A Review

As a pastor, I try to read homiletics books from time to time to help me continue to grow as a Christian preacher.  I recently purchased Saving Eutychus by Gary Millar and Phil Campbell (two Presbyterian pastors from Australia).  I want to point out this brief book here because it is a good resource on… Continue reading Saving Eutychus: A Review

God’s Grace and the Pastoral Ministry

One great truth about the Christian pastoral ministry that comforts me, a pastor, is this: my devotion, passion, or piety is not ultimately what makes my sermons edifying or my ministry successful (in the biblical sense of the terms).  I should pray for growth in devotion, passion, and piety, but if my sermons are edifying… Continue reading God’s Grace and the Pastoral Ministry

When to Hear a Sermon (Or: When Not to Hear a Sermon)

Christopher Ash's Listen Up: A Practical Guide to Listening to Sermons is a helpful pamphlet aimed at giving Christians some lessons in listening.   This book is only thirty pages long and written at a popular level, so any Christian could benefit from it.  In it, Ash gives seven ingredients for healthy sermon listening and he… Continue reading When to Hear a Sermon (Or: When Not to Hear a Sermon)

Apostolic Preaching in Acts

I've been using Dennis Johnson's commentary on the book of Acts as I preach through Luke's second book to Theophilus.  Though the layout of Johnson's book is sometimes tough to follow (it is topical rather than verse by verse), the content is outstanding.  I especially appreciate this summary Johnson gave on apostolic preaching in Acts. … Continue reading Apostolic Preaching in Acts