Preaching with Patience (Mc’Cheyne)

Have you ever heard an angry man preach an angry sermon? It’s usually not an edifying situation and it seems to put fuel on the fire of other people’s anger. Angry preaching makes angry people. In fact, Scripture calls preachers to preach with all patience: “Preach the word; be ready in season and out of… Continue reading Preaching with Patience (Mc’Cheyne)

Calvin’s Forgettable Sermon

This book, Registers of the Consistory of Geneva in the Time of Calvin is a fascinating look into the historical context of the Protestant Reformation in one city: Geneva, Switzerland. The book is an English translation of the notes that the consistory of the Reformed church in Geneva took between 1542 and 1544. It's full… Continue reading Calvin’s Forgettable Sermon

I Know More Than My Pastor (Ridgley)

It does happen sometimes when a regular member of the church has more doctrinal or biblical knowledge than his or her pastor. For example, sometimes seminary professors are regular members of a church. For another example, sometimes church members take Bible or theology classes and have spent more time studying a certain book or topic… Continue reading I Know More Than My Pastor (Ridgley)

Full-Time​ Sermon Critics (Bucer)

 I'm thankful that God's people I serve in my pastoral ministry do not bombard me with harsh critiques of my sermons.  It's a blessing to minister to people who generally listen carefully and respect the preached Word.  Now, it is true that some people in the pews are constantly critical of biblical sermons.  This can… Continue reading Full-Time​ Sermon Critics (Bucer)

Sermons: Writing and Preaching (Kim)

I don't listen to too many online sermons.  Recently, however, I downloaded a sermon from a popular sermon hosting website since I had a long drive in front of me.  I simply downloaded one of the "popular" sermons on a text I was preaching in the future to help me start thinking about it.  To… Continue reading Sermons: Writing and Preaching (Kim)