Septuaginta: Reader’s Edition

When studying the NT in depth, it's hard to miss the fact that many NT authors often cite or quote a Greek version of the Hebrew OT. For two examples of many, in 1 Cor. 10:7 Paul quotes a Greek version of Exodus 32.6 word for word. In Rom. 15:3 the apostle quotes a Greek… Continue reading Septuaginta: Reader’s Edition

The Translation of the Hebrew Bible: A Very Brief Overview

 The two prefaces to the JPS (Jewish Publication Society) Hebrew-English Tanakh are helpful sources of information concerning the text of the Hebrew Old Testament.  In these prefaces, one can read about the history of the Hebrew text, the accuracy of the Hebrew text, and information about the newer JPS translation of the Hebrew text, among… Continue reading The Translation of the Hebrew Bible: A Very Brief Overview

What is the Septuagint?

Since we just mentioned Everett Ferguson's new book on baptism in the early church (the first 5 centuries), it may be helpful to mention his other work on the early historical context of the church: Backgrounds of Early Christianity. This is an awesome resource for NT studies - a 650 page treasure full of great… Continue reading What is the Septuagint?