Scholarship, Studies, Academia, and Christian Virtue

   This is one book all Christian seminary students, professors, scholars, and teachers should read: Excellence by Andreas Kostenberger.  In this book, Kostenberger basically brings Christian virtue to bear in the areas of academia and scholarly study.  In other words, he argues from a biblical perspective that Christian scholars should display the fruit of the Spirit in… Continue reading Scholarship, Studies, Academia, and Christian Virtue

Jack Rabbits and Ping-Pong

 I'm surprised how many times I hear people speak negatively about a pastor's seminary education - as if knowledge is deadly to the soul (or ignorance is bliss).  Of course, this sentiment is a common American one that goes way back to the early frontier days of circuit preachers.  Billy Sunday even said, "I don't know… Continue reading Jack Rabbits and Ping-Pong

Martin Bucer’s Pastoral Theology: A Review

 In the early years following the Reformation - specifically 1538 - Martin Bucer (Butzer) wrote Von der Waren Seelsorge (Concerning the True Care of Souls).  Since the Roman Catholic church had harmed, hindered, and hurt many souls, and since Reformed pastors didn't have extensive examples of and training in pastoral theology, a book like this was needed.  So Bucer penned… Continue reading Martin Bucer’s Pastoral Theology: A Review

On the Humorous Side: Pastor, Want a Beer?

Dr. Richard Lischer is Duke Divinity School's homiletics professor and a pastor in the ELCA.  Several years back, he wrote an autobiographical account of his first pastorate and parishioners in a small, conservative Illinois town.  He was fresh out of school with seminary training, a PhD, and a progressive liberal outlook which didn't mesh with… Continue reading On the Humorous Side: Pastor, Want a Beer?

Who Needs Seminary?

I understand that books like these are attempting to help the average Christian, but the titles just have to be changed. The worst part is that most of these books are under under 70 pages.  Two hours, 64 pages, a Coke and - bang - you understand biblical prophecy.  Those hours of seminary lectures, reading… Continue reading Who Needs Seminary?