God Behind The Curtains (Calvin)

God is able to make grass grow without sun and rain. He is able to heal without the hand of a doctor. It is possible for him to keep his people nourished without food or drink. However, in his providence, God has chosen to use means and instruments to accomplish his purposes. Rain and sun help… Continue reading God Behind The Curtains (Calvin)

God’s Sovereign Providence – and His Means (Horton)

God is sovereign, and he is providentially in control of everything that comes to pass. He's not surprised when things happen, nor is he unsure of the future, since all things happen according to his plan (Ps. 33.11, Prov. 19.21, Is. 46.10).  At the same time, he uses means and instruments to accomplish his purposes… Continue reading God’s Sovereign Providence – and His Means (Horton)

It Was a ‘God Thing’ (Really?)

(This is a repost from February, 2012) I'm sure many of you have heard the phrase, "It was a God-thing" or something similar.  What evangelicals usually mean by this phrase is that God was somehow directly or immediately at work through some instance in their life.  For example, someone will say that they really needed… Continue reading It Was a ‘God Thing’ (Really?)

Providence, Piety, and Dry Gunpowder

Here's a short but sweet blurb by Herman Bavinck on providence, secondary causes (concurrence), and piety (from Reformed Dogmatics, Vol II). "Bowing before the powers of nature is something very different from childlike submission to God, and exercising dominion over the earth is a matter of serving God.  The sea captain who went to his… Continue reading Providence, Piety, and Dry Gunpowder