A Brief Intro to Ecclesiasticus (Sirach)

In his fine book which explores Jewish literature of the second temple period (516 BC to 135 AD), Larry Helyer has a helpful introduction to Ecclesiasticus (aka “The Wisdom of Ben Sira” or “The Wisdom of Jesus Son of Sirach” or just “Sirach”).  Written around 180 BC, Ecclesiasticus is a collection of the traditions of… Continue reading A Brief Intro to Ecclesiasticus (Sirach)

What is the Pseudepigrapha?

If you’ve read even a few books in the area of New Testament studies, you’ve probably heard about the Pseudepigrapha.  What is that?  I found a helpful and brief answer to the question while making my way through Larry Helyer’s Exploring Jewish Literature of the Second Temple Period. “The Greek neuter plural yeudepigrafa (pseudepigrapha) literally… Continue reading What is the Pseudepigrapha?