Wormwood: Make Him Church Shop

I love this section of Screwtape Letters where Screwtape, the older demon, gives his young demon-nephew Wormwood some tips on duping “churchgoing” Christians.  Screwtape says that if Wormwood can’t get a certain Christian to skip church altogether, the next best thing is to get him to church shop/hop, in a cynical and critical way, never… Continue reading Wormwood: Make Him Church Shop

Operation Gravedigger: Bringing Down the Church

This is one outstanding book: Os Guinness' The Last Christian on Earth (formerly published as The Gravedigger File).  The book is something like Screwtape Letters plus David Wells plus Christless Christianity plus William Willimon.  With his usually sharp and penetrating style, Guinness uses a series of fictional email memos to show how the Western church… Continue reading Operation Gravedigger: Bringing Down the Church

Dear Wormwood: Make Him Loathe The Church

 Discontent with church?  You [and I!] need to read this.  [It is from C.S. Lewis' brilliant work, The Screwtape Letters, (letter II).  Wormwood, a devil, receives instructions from his uncle Screwtape on how to get a person away from Christ.] "My Dear Wormwood: ...One of our great allies at present is the Church itself.  Do not misunderstand me. … Continue reading Dear Wormwood: Make Him Loathe The Church