Crespin, the Reformation, Martyrs, and Scripture (Manetsch)

 In his contribution to The Reformation and the Irrepressible Word of God, Scott Manetsch spends some time discussing a book by Jean Crespin.  Crespin was a French Protestant who found refuge in Geneva where he set up a printing press around 1550.  He printed all sorts of Reformation material, including commentaries, Bibles, catechisms, and so on.… Continue reading Crespin, the Reformation, Martyrs, and Scripture (Manetsch)

Becoming a Pastor: Tests and Exams

 In confessional Reformed churches, there's a tried and tested way for men to enter the pastoral ministry.  First and foremost we follow the teachings Scripture, specifically those passages that talk about the qualifications for those who are to lead Christ's flock as overseers.  For example, 1 Timothy 3:1-7 talks about the character of a man… Continue reading Becoming a Pastor: Tests and Exams