The Christian Faith and Scientific Inquiry

Douglas Groothuis, in his excellent book Christian Apologetics, spends quite a bit of time discussing Christianity and science.  I found many of his discussions helpful and refreshing.  Here’s one section where Groothuis gives ten ways “in which Christian belief creates a hospitable environment for scientific inquiry.”  These ten ways, Groothuis noted, are found in more… Continue reading The Christian Faith and Scientific Inquiry

Faith, Doubt, & Certainty in Christian Discipleship (Newbigin)

This is an amazing and truly outstanding book.  Lesslie Newbigin's Proper Confidence (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1995) is honestly one of the best brief and to the point books I've read on Christian epistemology (i.e. knowing things - specifically how faith and knowledge relate).  I would love to do a series of blog posts on this… Continue reading Faith, Doubt, & Certainty in Christian Discipleship (Newbigin)