Science and Searching For A Theory of Everything

 The fine staff of Evangelical Press gave me this excellent new book by scientist and theologian Edgar Andrews - Who Made God: Searching for a Theory of Everything (2009).  I'm nearly finished with it, and have been quite impressed with it.  To be honest, I've never read anything like it before.  Andrews is an experienced… Continue reading Science and Searching For A Theory of Everything

Personal Knowledge: Polanyi

I now know why Michael Polanyi's Personal Knowledge: Towards a Post-Critical Philosophy (Chicago: University of Chicago, 1962) is highly cited and appropriated by quite a few modern theologians and philosophers: because it is an outstanding work.  In some ways, it is parallel to Barth's bombshell, only in the realm of epistemology.  This "bomb" from Polanyi… Continue reading Personal Knowledge: Polanyi

A Newbigin Summer

Around six months ago, I read my first dose of Lesslie Newbigin simply because I heard him quoted from time to time.  I read him because I like to get to know important church figures and their thought (at least to some extent).  The Gospel in a Pluralist Society was the first book by Newbigin… Continue reading A Newbigin Summer

Bavinck and Certainty (II)

Moving on in the booklet, The Certainty of Faith, we note how Bavinck talks about science and certainty.  He briefly praises science for giving us so many benefits and insights into the universe.  Then, he states: "But although it may have a lot to offer to our senses and understanding, it leaves the heart unsatisfied. … Continue reading Bavinck and Certainty (II)

Bavinck, Hermenuetics, and Science

This post, as some of you may guess, is related to earlier posts on Poythress, reinterpretation, and Bavinck, though I don't really know if it is part II or III... "...Scripture does not speak the language of science but that of daily experience; that also in telling the story of creation it assumes a geocentric… Continue reading Bavinck, Hermenuetics, and Science