Idolatry and the Cult of Narcissism

In the last few years, quite a few Christian preachers and authors have written books that discuss idolatry in the Christian's life.  Building on C.S. Lewis and other currently trendy Christian thinkers from the recent past, Tim Keller, Mark Driscoll and other popular leaders do a decent job unmasking the idols many of us have.  I'm glad… Continue reading Idolatry and the Cult of Narcissism

The Church as Sponge (Or: Religion as an Idol)

 In this brilliant book, Idols for Destruction, Herbert Schlossberg argues how religion can become idolatrous when churches water down their distinctives.  This is also known as syncretism.  I don't have the space to discuss this part of the book (chapter 6) in-depth here, but I do want to throw out a few thought-provoking quotes. "Ecclesiastical structures that depart from… Continue reading The Church as Sponge (Or: Religion as an Idol)