The Conversion of Paul (Machen)

After explaining how Saul persecuted the church, here’s how J. Gresham Machen briefly summarized the story of Saul/Paul’s conversion in Acts 9: And yet he [Paul] attained salvation. It came in the strangest way. He was at the height of his persecuting zeal. He was making havoc of the Church of God (Gal. 1.13). He… Continue reading The Conversion of Paul (Machen)

Paul’s Conversion

In studying Galatians 1:11-24, I came across a some good stuff from two church fathers.  Chrysostom said of Paul’s conversion: “[He] was sobered at the very height of his madness.”  Ambrose, reflecting on how the church in Judea glorified God because of Paul’s conversion, said of v.24, “By these words they ascribe all to divine… Continue reading Paul’s Conversion