For Those He Came To Save

Most of our readers know of Louis Berkhof’s excellent Systematic Theology.  But Berkhof also has some other gems out there, including Vicarious Atonement Through Christ.  In just under 200 pages, Berkhof discusses the doctrine of Christ’s satisfaction, including the necessity of the atonement, the objective and vicarious nature of the atonement, the subjective effects of… Continue reading For Those He Came To Save

Satisfaction or Atonement (Part 2)?

 Several weeks ago I mentioned the difference between these theological terms: satisfaction and atonement.  By way of reminder the word “atonement” specifically has to do with Jesus’ death in the place of sinners (his passive obedience).  The word “satisfaction” means that Christ satisfied the demands of God’s justice in the place of sinners (he lived… Continue reading Satisfaction or Atonement (Part 2)?

Hodge, Hymns, and Christ’s Satisfaction

In Charles Hodge’s discussion of Christ’s satisfaction he takes some time to refute the false teaching that Jesus’ life and death simply gave us a moral example.  Some have indeed taught that Jesus’ death was an example of love for us to follow, but not a substitutionary atonement.  In other words, some teach that Christ’s… Continue reading Hodge, Hymns, and Christ’s Satisfaction

Satisfaction or Atonement?

Most of the time when we talk about Jesus’ death for us we use the term atonement.  That’s a fitting term which reflects biblical truth about Jesus’ life-giving death.  However, there’s another theological term that has also been used with reference to Christ’s work of salvation: satisfaction. What’s the difference?  Basically, the word atonement specifically… Continue reading Satisfaction or Atonement?