Antinomian Rhetoric

As I mentioned in my review of Mark Jones’ new book, Antinomianism, I very much appreciated his chapter on antinomian rhetoric.  For example, I noted the following quote: “There is today a great deal of talk about ‘grace.’  It is described as scandalous, liberating, shocking, counterintuitive, unpredictable, dangerous, etc.  But when an emphasis on grace… Continue reading Antinomian Rhetoric

Patience and Providence (Rutherford)

 When Christians are suffering in various ways it is made worse sometimes because we just can't understand what's going on - why is God doing what he's doing?  Samuel Rutherford (d.1661) here reminds Christians that we can usually only see half the picture of providence.  Therefore, we need to be patient and remember that we have a… Continue reading Patience and Providence (Rutherford)

Christ or Nothing

 These are some great words from Samuel Rutherford to his friend John Henderson.  Rutherford wrote this from a prison in Scotland in 1637. "Know the Lord and seek Christ.  You have a soul that cannot die.  Seek for a lodging to your poor soul, for that house of clay will fill.  Heaven or nothing! Either… Continue reading Christ or Nothing

Natural Law and the Two Kingdoms (Part III)

In case you just tuned in, this is part III of a brief review of David VanDrunen's book, Natural Law and the Two Kingdoms. The other two posts immediately precede this one. In chapters 4-7 VanDrunen treks through the English and European post-reformation eras, into the early American scene (New England and Virgina), back to  Europe (specifically Holland) and… Continue reading Natural Law and the Two Kingdoms (Part III)