The Mosaic Covenant: What is it?

  (This is a repost from May, 2012) What exactly is the Mosaic/Sinaitic covenant?  Is it part of the covenant of grace God established with his people beginning with Genesis 3:15?  Or is it part of the covenant of works God made with Adam before the fall?  Both? Neither?  In the history of Reformed theology,… Continue reading The Mosaic Covenant: What is it?

Covenant Theology in the Reformed Tradition

In the Reformed tradition of the Christian faith, covenant theology plays an important part.  Although Christians before the Reformation had some understanding of the covenants in Scripture, studies in covenant theology abounded after the Reformation.  To summarize, after studying Scripture and interacting with groups like Roman Catholics, Arminians, Socinians, and others, Reformed teachers said there… Continue reading Covenant Theology in the Reformed Tradition