The Puritans on the Law/Gospel Distinction

Back in June, I noted that the section on the law/gospel distinction in the book A Puritan Theology was lacking and incomplete (see my review here).  In other words, the authors failed to give a summarized and systematic description of what the Puritans taught on the law/gospel distinction.  So what did the Puritans teach about… Continue reading The Puritans on the Law/Gospel Distinction

Live Above, But Walk According to the Law

I’ve mentioned this book and these paragraphs before here on the blog, but as I was reading parts of it again, I thought it was worth repeating.  This quote is found near the end of Samuel Bolton’s book, The True Bounds of Christian Freedom.  It’s all about justification, sanctification, and Christian liberty. “Maintain your liberty… Continue reading Live Above, But Walk According to the Law

Maintaining Christian Liberty

Near the end of his excellent exposition of Christian liberty, Samuel Bolton (d. 1654) explained how Christians are to stand fast in the liberty which Christ has won for us (cf. Gal. 5:1).  Here’s one helpful paragraph from that section.  I suggest reading it more than once! “Maintain your liberty in Christ by refusing to… Continue reading Maintaining Christian Liberty

A Sad Heart and a Wet Eye

This is a pearl of a book: The True Bounds of Christian Freedom by Samuel Bolton (d. 1654).  In this work, Bolton (a member of the Westminster Assembly) explains in detail what it means that Christians are “free indeed” (John 8:36).  There are many excellent – and edifying! – parts of this book.  Below is… Continue reading A Sad Heart and a Wet Eye