That Rebel Self (Newton)

 John Newton knew what it meant to be a saint and a sinner at the same time.  Here's part of a letter he wrote to a Christian friend in April 1776: I do not ask you if you are always filled with sensible comfort; but do you find your spirit more bowed down at the… Continue reading That Rebel Self (Newton)

I Believe…The Communion of the [Sinful] Saints

Somewhere along the line, someone started the rumor that church-going people are decent people, that they're good and wholesome, that churches are made up of people who have their ethical ducks in a moral row.  When non-church goers who believe that rumor go to a church, they often complain that they "got burned" because they found… Continue reading I Believe…The Communion of the [Sinful] Saints

Luther Latin Quote of the Day

        Pecca fortiter, sed fortius fide et gaude in Christo.  (Martin Luther) Amen!  Boenhoffer's commentary on that phrase is darkly humorous and true: "You are a sinner anyway, and there is nothing you can do about it!" Speaking of Luther, I really need to get Wingren's Luther on Vocation.  shane lems sunnyside, wa