Creation A Sacrament? (Horton)

The apostle Peter said that Christians have been born again by the word of God, which is the preaching of the gospel (1 Pet. 1:23, 25). The Holy Spirit gives life to dead hearts through the preaching of good news: Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. The Spirit uses the words, sounds, speaking, and hearing the… Continue reading Creation A Sacrament? (Horton)

Media Gratiae (Means of Grace)

In Reformed theology we talk about the ordinary means of grace.  How would we define "means of grace?"  Richard Muller answers this well: media gratia: means of grace; i.e., Word and sacraments as the means by which the grace of God is operative in the church.  The term is used by both Lutheran and Reformed… Continue reading Media Gratiae (Means of Grace)

The Reformation Rejection of Transubstantiation

  In the context of the 16th century Protestant Reformation the Roman Catholic Church taught (and still teaches) that the Lord’s Supper is a divine sacrifice in which Jesus is offered in a bloodless manner.  Rome teaches that Christ is “truly, really, and substantially contained in the propitious sacrament of the holy Eucharist under the… Continue reading The Reformation Rejection of Transubstantiation

The Anathemas of Rome

  In the 1540’s and beyond, when the Protestant Reformation had spread and taken hold in various places in Europe, the Roman Catholic Church met for a series of meetings called Council of Trent.  At these meetings they wrote many canons and decrees that specifically addressed the theology of the Reformation (among other things).  In… Continue reading The Anathemas of Rome

The Frequency of the Holy Supper

One main objection I hear against frequent celebration of the Lord's Supper is this: "If we have the Lord's Supper too much it won't be special any more."  This would be a valid objection if the Lord's Supper was like Christmas or any old birthday.  If the Supper is simply something that the church does to remember Jesus' death, it would… Continue reading The Frequency of the Holy Supper