Anglicans, Articles, and Admonishment

A friend of mine who has roots in the Anglican tradition gave me a great article by Anglican bishop J. C. Ryle (d. 1900).  The article has to do with the 39 Articles - specifically in the context of the late 1800s when some Anglicans were essentially ignoring them.  Though I write this for the… Continue reading Anglicans, Articles, and Admonishment

A Perfect Church Or I Quit

 In the wake of the Reformation, the radical reformers (the Anabaptists) emphasized a pure church - they wanted a church that consisted exclusively of regenerate people who lived holy lives.  Calvin, Luther, Ursinus, and other such reformers quickly distanced themselves from this unbiblical view of the church.  Today too some people withdraw from the church… Continue reading A Perfect Church Or I Quit

Is Anybody Wrong?

 J. C. Ryle wrote this around 150 years ago (though it could have been written yesterday): "We live in an age when men profess to dislike dogmas and creeds, and are filled with a morbid dislike to controversial theology.  He who dares to say of one doctrine that 'it is true' and of another that 'it… Continue reading Is Anybody Wrong?