The Excellent Woman of Proverbs 31:10ff

The last major section of Proverbs is a poem about an excellent, noble, strong, hard-working, wise woman. And Proverbs 31:10ff is actually an acrostic. The first word of each line in this poem starts with a letter from the Hebrew alphabet and it goes in order from beginning (A aleph, א) to end (T taw,… Continue reading The Excellent Woman of Proverbs 31:10ff

Was Ruth Barren?

Ruth was probably barren before she had little Obed. This is something I haven't heard before, or at least I don't remember hearing. However, after studying the text and consulting some commentaries, I do believe that before Ruth conceived and gave birth to Obed she was most likely unable to have children. Why do I… Continue reading Was Ruth Barren?

Recommended Ruth Commentary

Daniel Block As I'm studying and preaching through Ruth, I've really been enjoying Daniel Block's commentary in the New American Commentary series.  I appreciate the balance Block strikes between exegesis and interpretation.  He works carefully with the Hebrew text and also gives helpful, level-headed interpretation.  It's also written in an understandable way.  Here's one section I… Continue reading Recommended Ruth Commentary