He Did Not Need My Absolution

 Earlier I mentioned this book, Far from Rome, Near to God – a book that gives the testimonies of fifty Roman Catholic priests who left Rome after they were converted to the Christian faith.  I recently read one account that is worth sharing here.  It is a story in the life of one priest who had… Continue reading He Did Not Need My Absolution

Prester John, Ferdinand Magellan, and Superstition

In the early part of the 12th century, some European monks wrote an imaginative and allegorical account of the faith (sort of like a medieval Pilgrim's Progress).  The fictious account was about a Christian man named Prester John  ("Prester" is an ancient way to say "presbyter" or "priest") who ruled over a vast golden earthly… Continue reading Prester John, Ferdinand Magellan, and Superstition