Luther on His Severe Attacks of the Roman Catholic Church

In 1520 Martin Luther wrote - among other things - three treatises that became very popular. In many ways these three treatises are a must-read for students of the Reformation. These treatises are as follows: "To the Christian Nobility of the German Nation," "The Babylonian Captivity of the Church," and "The Freedom of a Christian."… Continue reading Luther on His Severe Attacks of the Roman Catholic Church

10 Reasons Why I Will Never Go to Rome

 I've been re-reading parts of Rome's Catechism and the Canons/Decrees of Trent again recently, which reminded me why I'm Reformed and not Roman Catholic.  Here's a post I wrote in February 2013 on this very topic: For the past eight years or so, I’ve had the opportunity to read, study, and observe the doctrines and… Continue reading 10 Reasons Why I Will Never Go to Rome

Rome: Sola Ecclesia or Sola Scriptura? (Kruger)

 (This is a re-blog from March, 2013) A short while ago I posted some helpful and critical comments about Rome’s view of Scripture by Michael Kruger (in Canon Revisited). Here is part two of that post. The quote is a bit longer than my usual ones, but it is well worth the time. “…The most… Continue reading Rome: Sola Ecclesia or Sola Scriptura? (Kruger)

Rome’s ‘Tyrannical Distortion’ (Murray)

 The Roman Catholic Church neither believes nor teaches that Scripture is the highest authority and only source of inspired and infallible truth for God's people. In other words, they do not teach or believe "sola Scriptura."  In fact, at the Second Vatican Council, Rome said that " is not from sacred Scripture alone that the… Continue reading Rome’s ‘Tyrannical Distortion’ (Murray)

Rome and Reading Scripture (Muller)

 It's very hard for most  Christians in the West to imagine what it would be like if they didn't have a Bible at home to read.  It's even harder to imagine the church telling us not to read the Bible and not wanting it to be translated into common languages.  This was the very situation… Continue reading Rome and Reading Scripture (Muller)