The Denial of All Our Own Righteousness (Witsius)

 In his book on the controversies surrounding law, gospel, and grace in England around the year 1700, Herman Witsius (d. 1708) gave an excellent defense of justification by faith alone in Christ alone, based on God's grace alone.  At one point he talked about the errors of legalism, the Judaizers, and non-Christian views.  Following those… Continue reading The Denial of All Our Own Righteousness (Witsius)

Righteous in Christ, Not Ourselves (Calvin)

 In volume 3 of Tracts and Treatises you can find Calvin's 1547 critical commentary on the canons and decrees of the Council of Trent.  It's an excellent resource that not only sheds theological light on the central aspects of the Reformation, it's also a wonderful and edifying defense of the solas and the doctrines of grace.… Continue reading Righteous in Christ, Not Ourselves (Calvin)

No Harbor In My Own Righteousness (Sibbes)

One of the greatest things about being a Christian is knowing that Jesus loves me despite my sin and sinful struggles.  I know I'm sinful but I also know I have a great Savior in whose righteousness I stand accepted by God.  I appreciate how Richard Sibbes (d. 1635) wrote about this: "[The love of… Continue reading No Harbor In My Own Righteousness (Sibbes)

Do Not Sleep Another Night Without It! (McCheyne)

While reading several of Robert Murray McCheyne's letters this morning, I came across one he wrote to a stranger in 1840.  McCheyne's friend told him of a man he knew that might benefit from an evangelistic letter.  So McCheyne sent a letter since he wasn't able to visit the stranger in person.  Here's a very… Continue reading Do Not Sleep Another Night Without It! (McCheyne)

…It Is Reckoned To Be Truly Ours (Turretin)

Justifying faith is not a work; it is not the meritorious grounds of justification nor is it an antecedent (or a priori) condition of the covenant of grace.  Justifying faith is an instrument that receives the active and passive obedience (the righteousness) of Christ, which are the grounds for justification.  Speaking of the righteousness of… Continue reading …It Is Reckoned To Be Truly Ours (Turretin)