The Incomparable Goodness and Excellence of Christ (Sibbes)

Here's a fascinating and edifying section of Richard Sibbes' (d. 1635) sermons on the Song of Solomon. In this section Sibbes was explaining "that Christ, as he is beautiful and good, so he is incomparably, beyond all comparison good: ‘He is a standard bearer, one among ten thousand; anointed with the oil of gladness above… Continue reading The Incomparable Goodness and Excellence of Christ (Sibbes)

Election, Providence, and “All Things for Good” (Sibbes)

  When God says he will safely bring his children to their heavenly home, he means it!  Sometimes the way home is rough and rocky, but the Lord will carry them through everything and safely bring them to his kingdom (2 Tim. 4:18). In theological terms, this means that God orders his providence for the good… Continue reading Election, Providence, and “All Things for Good” (Sibbes)

On Not Burdening New Christians (Sibbes)

 When discipling and teaching new Christians it can be tempting to instruct them in our personal preferences, spiritual habits, and religious opinions.  For example, if someone really likes a certain translation of the Bible, she might want the person she's discipling to really like that translation too.  Or, if a person is very passionate about… Continue reading On Not Burdening New Christians (Sibbes)

God Has Many Keys [or: The Lord Opened Her Heart] (Sibbes)

I've always loved the story in Acts about Lydia coming to faith in Christ when Paul was telling her about Jesus by the side of a river near Philippi.  Here's how Luke summarized it: "A God-fearing woman named Lydia, a dealer in purple cloth from the city of Thyatira, was listening. The Lord opened her… Continue reading God Has Many Keys [or: The Lord Opened Her Heart] (Sibbes)

Losing God’s Love? (Sibbes)

 There are times in the Christian life when, for various reasons, we don't feel God's love.  Sometimes the Christian doesn't feel loved by God because of certain sins committed, because of a brutal affliction that weighs heavy, or because of something else.  Andrew Peterson put it this way in his song "Just As I Am":… Continue reading Losing God’s Love? (Sibbes)