Resources on Preaching/Teaching Joshua

Following Andrew’s helpful post on study resources for Zechariah’s night visions, I thought I’d summarize different resources I’ve used while preaching/teaching through Joshua.  Going through this OT narrative has been an enjoyable endeavor, even though the tribal allotments in the last part of the book have been challenging.  To note ahead of time, most of… Continue reading Resources on Preaching/Teaching Joshua

Jericho’s Walls?

 I've been enjoying Richard Hess' nice little commentary on Joshua in the Tyndale OT Commentary series.  It is scholarly, readable, to the point, and level-headed - all things that I appreciate in commentaries.  For one example, while studying Joshua 6 and the tumbling walls of Jericho, most scholars will rightly note that the archaeological proof of… Continue reading Jericho’s Walls?

Eisenbrauns Book Sale!

Thanks to our friends at Eisenbrauns for this sale!  Some of these prices (I checked just a few) beat Amazon.  Click the pic or here to see all the books on sale; below I've listed a few that caught my eye. - "Dictionary of the Old Testament: Historical Books: A Compendium of Contemporary Biblical Scholarship"… Continue reading Eisenbrauns Book Sale!