O Blessed Day of Rest (Wilberforce)

Here's a good devotional from 365 Days with Wilberforce that was part of my reading today. May it be as encouraging to you as it was to me: ‘A precious interval’ ‘Return unto thy rest, O my soul; for the Lord hath dealt bountifully with thee.’ Psalm 116:7 Suggested further reading: Hebrews 4:1–16 "O blessed… Continue reading O Blessed Day of Rest (Wilberforce)

Free Rest! (Bonar)

Here's a very helpful devotional commentary on many parts of Scripture: Light and Truth by Horatius Bonar. [Bonar was a 19th century Scottish pastor and hymn writer. For example, he wrote "Not What My Hands Have Done"]. Light and Truth isn't a commentary on every passage of Scripture. Instead, it's a devotional sort of commentary… Continue reading Free Rest! (Bonar)

The Prophetic Naming of Noah (Kline)

This is a helpful insight into Noah's name and role in Redemptive history: Noah’s agency in God’s establishing of his kingdom community in its sabbath stage on the mountain of the Lord was adumbrated in Lamech’s oracular explanation for naming him “Noah”: “He will bring us relief from the toil of our hands, from our… Continue reading The Prophetic Naming of Noah (Kline)

The Sweet Words of Jesus (Machen)

In the early part of 1935, J. Gresham Machen gave a series of radio addresses on the deity of Christ. The manuscripts of these addresses have been published in a book called The Person of Jesus. It's an excellent book - and that's an understatement! The Person of Jesus is a great blend of biblical… Continue reading The Sweet Words of Jesus (Machen)

On the First Day of The Week… (Vos)

There are various biblical reasons why Christians gather together on the first day of the week to worship Christ the risen king. One of the better reasons is a redemptive historical one. What does that mean? Geerhardus Vos explained this well in the section of his book Biblical Theology where he talks about the sabbath.… Continue reading On the First Day of The Week… (Vos)