Christian Websites, Christian Research

  From time to time I get questions about the legitimacy of certain Christian websites and online articles.  I’m thankful for this on two levels: first, Christians are researching and studying; second, they are asking me, a trained and ordained pastor, for guidance in studies.  Those are good things!  At the same time, I have… Continue reading Christian Websites, Christian Research

Internet Moderation and Online Research

I've blogged on this book before: The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains by Nicholas Carr.  One part of the book that sticks out to me is where Carr talks about the research which proves that the way we often use the internet is actually detrimental to our thinking and long-term memory. … Continue reading Internet Moderation and Online Research

Tyndale Bulletin Online (Free!)

One of you (our "blog friends") may have pointed this link out to us awhile back (sorry if it is old news!); we just want to pass it along for our readers as well.  Tyndale House has made their Tyndale Bulletin available online for free.  Go here to read and download articles from 1956-2007.  Scholars/authors… Continue reading Tyndale Bulletin Online (Free!)

“Using” the Reformed Reader

We've had a few email questions about using this site as a resource to find books for further study, a way to find an old post of ours, or to see if we touched on a topic/author of your interest last year or beyond.  Neither of us are computer geeks (book geeks, perhaps, but not… Continue reading “Using” the Reformed Reader