Preaching, TULIP, and the Canons of Dort

 One crisis in many Reformed/Presbyterian churches today is that the doctrines of grace (aka TULIP) are ignored, avoided, or thought to be irrelevant.  To be sure, a church that doesn't clearly preach, teach, believe, and defend the doctrines of grace cannot really be called Reformed or Presbyterian.  But the crisis is there.  The crisis is not… Continue reading Preaching, TULIP, and the Canons of Dort

Arminian Philosophy and Theology

I recently read this IVP book: Why I Am Not A Calvinist by Jerry Walls and Joseph Dongell. I've read the early 17th century five Remonstrance points before, but I wanted a current explanation of Arminian theology.  The book is basically structured like this: 1) Approaching and engaging the Bible, 2) Calvinism, human freedom, and divine… Continue reading Arminian Philosophy and Theology

Classic Arminianism: The Grandfather of Rationalism

Every now and then while reading Herman Bavinck, I run across this loaded proposal: moralism, mysticism, rationalism, and deism go hand in hand.  I know what he means, but until recently I had to make the deductions myself in light of his other writings.  In Saved by Grace, I found his own explanation of this… Continue reading Classic Arminianism: The Grandfather of Rationalism