Inscribed on the Palms of God (Isaiah 49:16)

In Isaiah 49:16 The Lord (Yahweh) says the following to Zion to show that he will not forget her: See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are ever before me (NIV). The word for "engrave" here means inscribe, write, or even carve into. It's the same word used in… Continue reading Inscribed on the Palms of God (Isaiah 49:16)

The Call to Remember and the Christian Faith (Guinness)

(This is a re-post from April, 2010) This section of Os Guinness' book, God in the Dark, came to mind when I was recently studying the repeated command of YHWH to his people: Remember the day you came out of Egypt...  Remember that the LORD your God redeemed you... Do not forget the LORD your… Continue reading The Call to Remember and the Christian Faith (Guinness)

Why Remember? (Meilaender)

 Gilbert Meilaender, the Lutheran theologian and bioethicist, has some very helpful essays on ethics and the Christian life.  I've read his book Bioethics before, which I really enjoyed.  I just finished one essay in a collection of his essays called The Freedom of a Christian.  The essay is called "Why Remember?"  In this essay, Meilaender wrestles with… Continue reading Why Remember? (Meilaender)