Relevance, Truth, and Eternity

  I’ve mentioned many of Os Guinness’ books on this blog in the past, including this one: Prophetic Untimeliness.  Guinness is one of those authors I always enjoy reading.  Below is a section from Prophetic Untimeliness that I have marked up quite a bit; it is on the topic of relevance and the church today.… Continue reading Relevance, Truth, and Eternity

The Church’s Collapse Into Worldliness

Quite often a church’s quest for relevance ends up in unfaithfulness to Christ and his Word.  In Os Guinness’ terms, it is a “collapse into worldliness.”  The question is, how does this happen?  Guinness gives four steps of this downward spiral that starts with a desire for relevance and ends in unfaithfulness.  (Note: I’ve edited… Continue reading The Church’s Collapse Into Worldliness

The Idol of Relevance

Once again, I very much appreciate the work of Os Guinness – this time in his 2003 work, Prophetic Untimeliness: A Challenge to The Idol of Relevance.  One of Guinness’ major themes of this short book is the following provocative phrase: “Never have Christians pursued relevance more strenuously; never have Christians been more irrelevant” (p.… Continue reading The Idol of Relevance