Following Christ through Your University Years (Kruger)

Michael Kruger's new book, Surviving Religion 101, is a book written for Christians going through college. It is no secret that many campuses today in the United States and elsewhere are rather hostile to the claims of Christianity. In fact, it's not uncommon for Christian students to be singled out and ridiculed for their faith… Continue reading Following Christ through Your University Years (Kruger)

When the Category of Evil Disappears (Carson)

"The Intolerance of Tolerance" Here's a helpful discussion of evil, truth, and the "new tolerance": Once the category of evil disappears, our moral discernment has no structure. Strong fiber is reduced to mush; the skeleton of moral reasoning is taken out, and what is left is jelly-like protoplasm. We end up not only with rampant… Continue reading When the Category of Evil Disappears (Carson)

Confessing Christ in a Pluralist Society

Here are some great concluding words from a great book, The Gospel in a Pluralist Society. “I want to suggest the word ‘confidence’ as the one which designates the proper attitude.  In a pluralist society, any confident affirmation of the truth is met by the response, ‘Why should I believe this rather than that?’  Every… Continue reading Confessing Christ in a Pluralist Society

An Objective Christian Approach to Ethics

Many cultures today – including Western culture – have a subjective, pragmatic, relativistic, and democratic view of ethics and morality.  Historic Christianity, however, has an objective foundation for absolute norms.  Here are five points Kenneth Samples gives to explain the Christian foundation for ethics (I’ve summarized and slightly edited these): “1) Morality originates in God’s… Continue reading An Objective Christian Approach to Ethics

Truth, Epistemology, and Baseball

  Since I like baseball and certain philosophical discussions, I thought this was a good illustration that shows a few different ways people view truth.  (And I'll refrain from explaining how calling strikes is tough because the strike zone is more like a cube than a square.)  Is truth objective, subjective, or a social construction?  Os Guinness illustrates it this way. … Continue reading Truth, Epistemology, and Baseball