The Main Points of the Reformation

In preparation for our Reformation conference on worship Friday night, I've been reading some Calvin.  Here's how he summarized the main points of the Protestant Reformation: "All our controversies concerning doctrine relate either to the legitimate worship of God, or to the ground of salvation." The quote is taken from Calvin's treatise called The Necessity… Continue reading The Main Points of the Reformation

Reformation Conference 2010

If you live anywhere near South Central Washington State (specifically the Yakima Valley) you're invited to an evening Reformation Conference hosted by the church I pastor.  Rev. Matt Barker (of Emmanuel OPC in Kent, WA) and I will be speaking on this topic: Worship According to the Word: The Reformation Recovery of Biblical Worship.  In a day… Continue reading Reformation Conference 2010

Turretin on Reformation Churches

This is a good summary by Francis Turretin (d. 1687) of why and how the Reformation was a good move away from Rome (note: this is just a few paragraphs of a longer discussion).  One thing (among many) about the Reformation that deeply resonates with me is how the Reformers were wrestling with the core truths… Continue reading Turretin on Reformation Churches

The Regulative Principle: Cookie Cutter Worship?

 As a sort of follow up on Andrew's earlier RPW (regulative principle of worship) post, I thought I'd mention Ligon Duncan's helpful essays in Give Praise to God (Phillipsburg: P&R, 2003).  Duncan wrote chapter 1 (Does God Care How We Worship) and chapter 2 (Foundations for Biblically Directed Worship).  These were helpful for me as they… Continue reading The Regulative Principle: Cookie Cutter Worship?