The Simplicity of Reformed Worship

Historic Reformed churches worship the Lord in simplicity.  That is, Reformed churches do not include ceremonies, festivals, crucifixes, processions, incense, relics, images, vestments, altars, and so forth in their worship services.  Reformed worship simply consists of the Word (read, preached, sung, confessed, prayed) and the sacraments (the Lord's supper and baptism). The main reason for… Continue reading The Simplicity of Reformed Worship

Applications & Implications of the RPW

Based on the 2nd commandment and other biblical texts and stories, historic Reformed and Presbyterian churches have taught and practiced the Regulative Principle of Worship: we are to worship God in no other way than he has commanded in his word (HC Q/A 96, WLC Q/A 109).  There are several different applications and implications of… Continue reading Applications & Implications of the RPW

The (In)Sufficiency of the Word

  In chapter three of Whatever Happened to the Gospel of Grace James M. Boice discussed the sufficiency of God's Word.  Listen to these thought-provoking insights. "...Inerrancy is not the most critical issue facing the church today.  The most serious issue, I believe, is the Bible's sufficiency.  Do we believe that God has given us what we need in… Continue reading The (In)Sufficiency of the Word

Worship and the Technology Bandwagon

I'm amazed and enthralled by modern technological advances.  I used to read Popular Mechanics with audible sounds of astonishment.  The first time I played around on my Ipod 4th Gen my wife rolled her eyes because I was practically prancing around the room in awe.  However, I'm also in full agreement (as I noted here before) with Quentin Schultze's… Continue reading Worship and the Technology Bandwagon

Entertaining Ourselves To Death

 In the United States, our culture is largely based upon and driven by entertainment.  From TV News, to political talk shows, to the job site, to Christian worship, to the school room, to your drive home, everyone is always being entertained.  And like good Americans, we typically run to the newest and most entertaining thing.  Many Christian churches cater to… Continue reading Entertaining Ourselves To Death