The Covenant of Grace: A Trio of Characteristics

In his helpful summary of systematic theology called Our Reasonable Faith, Herman Bavinck defines the covenant of grace in a clear and concise way.  He introduces this section with these words: “When we give our attention to this historical development of the covenant of grace, we detect a trio of remarkable characteristics in it.”  What… Continue reading The Covenant of Grace: A Trio of Characteristics

Owen on Covenant Baptism and the Argument of Silence

Some years ago when I was studying the doctrine of baptism I came to the conclusion that the Reformed position is biblical: both infants and adults should be baptized based on the truths of the covenant of grace (Gen. 15-17).  I see the argument from silence as proving the Reformed view of baptism rather than… Continue reading Owen on Covenant Baptism and the Argument of Silence

Logos (5.2a) Reformed Platinum Package: A Review

I have to be honest; three months ago I didn’t know anything about Logos Bible software. I had been using the basic BibleWorks 6 package since 2004 solely for the purpose of helping me translate texts for preaching and teaching. So when the Logos Reformed team contacted me to do a review, I was happy… Continue reading Logos (5.2a) Reformed Platinum Package: A Review

Perseverance of the Saints Anathematized

  (This is a repost from April, 2012). On December 13, 1545, the first session of the Council of Trent took place under Pope Paul III.  This council was an official council of the Roman Catholic Church which met to discuss, among other things, the teachings of the Reformation - the teachings which most Roman… Continue reading Perseverance of the Saints Anathematized

The Church Is Greater Than The Pastor

Although he lived and ministered in Holland almost 100 years ago, Abraham Kuyper could already see the celebrity pastor syndrome growing in the United States.  There are quite a few layers of wisdom in the following quote.  I especially like Kuyper’s dig at democratic/populist religious gatherings, his emphasis on church history, and his note that… Continue reading The Church Is Greater Than The Pastor