Holy Week, Ceremonies, Rituals, and Reformed Churches (Miller)

This time of year it's hard to miss the emphasis on Lent, Ash Wednesday, Holy Thursday, and so on. Many churches celebrate these rituals and ceremonies - even churches that are not in the Roman Catholic family. Speaking of, for Rome, this time of year means a full assortment of rituals, ceremonies, feasts, fasts, vigils,… Continue reading Holy Week, Ceremonies, Rituals, and Reformed Churches (Miller)

“A Well-Ordered Church” – A Review

We live in a time when local churches come and go.  Sometimes a person gets a "vision" to plant a church, so they just go ahead and do it with very little planning or purposely formed biblical foundations.  On the other hand, some local churches that have been around for a while simply go on… Continue reading “A Well-Ordered Church” – A Review

Latin Lesson: Historic Protestantism on Christ’s Kingdom

As a few of our readers may know, in some small pockets of Reformed Christianity there is strong opposition to making distinctions in the way Christ reigns over the world.  Some say we must not distinguish between Christ’s general rule over all and his saving rule over his church.  (FYI, if you’ve not heard of… Continue reading Latin Lesson: Historic Protestantism on Christ’s Kingdom

Vos’ Reformed Dogmatics Volume One – A Brief Review

As some of our readers know, Geerhardus Vos was an excellent Dutch Reformed theologian and professor around the turn of the 20th century.  At one point, he wrote out his notes from his systematic theology class and kept them in five volumes, which were transcribed and printed in 1910 (in Dutch).  Lexham Press has done… Continue reading Vos’ Reformed Dogmatics Volume One – A Brief Review

Our Religion: Occupied with Knowing God

In one section of his three-volume work on Reformed theology (under ecclesiology), Francis Turretin explained what the Reformation was all about.  One question the Reformers faced was this: what is this that you are teaching?  Another question was this: what do you believe?  Turretin explains the basic truths the Reformers taught - truths they derived… Continue reading Our Religion: Occupied with Knowing God