The Path To Heaven

Joseph Alleine was an English Puritan who was a fervent evangelist.  Alleine was immensely passionate about proclaiming the gospel to unbelievers  - so passionate that his frequent and fervent evangelistic preaching led to his premature death at the age of 34 in 1668.  His evangelistic booklet, A Sure Guide to Heaven, is a little window… Continue reading The Path To Heaven

Systematic Theology: In Catechism Form

 I just got this in the mail from Reformation Heritage Books (RHB): Essential Truths in the Heart of a Christian by Wilhlemus Schortinghuis.  (If you're Dutch, that's Nodige Waarheden in het Herte van een Christen)  Schortinghuis (the most Dutch Dutch name I've ever heard!) was a pastor in the Reformed churches of Holland in the early to mid 18th century.  He… Continue reading Systematic Theology: In Catechism Form